Energy efficiency

September 20th, 2007

For the first time, John Carroll University is finally taking the proper step in creating a more eco-friendly atmosphere. With an initiative being spear-headed by biology professors Miles M. Coburn and Sandra Buckles, the program aims to change the University’s current energy policies.

JCU needs capitalizes on green capabilities of recycling and energy reduction that will allow students to see better qualities of living and embark upon eco-friendly practices long after graduation.

JCU has made progress in promoting recycling. As of September 1, the University contracted with Landmark Disposal to handle its trash and recycling program. Landmark Disposal separates the trash from recyclables at its facilities in Medina County.

Additionally, JCU has instituted green recycling dumpsters replacing the former brown dumpsters.

While beneficial strides have been taken, there is still much progress to go that involves everyone’s cooperation. An established green campus allows students express concern about recycling and the environment.

Other universities such as Oberlin College have already well-established themselves as green inspirations complete with solar panels to generate energy.

JCU needs to observe the practices of other institutions by conducting an energy audit. This audit will allow the university to make the necessary changes it needs to reduce energy consumption in offices and classrooms around campus.

JCU cannot accomplish its goal without the unequivocal support of the local community—the University must be able to create beneficial relationships with the city of University Heights.