The reason sexism still exists

September 6th, 2007

Let me start this by saying I believe in the power of women – the power to change the world, run their own fortune 500 company, and flirt to get out of a traffic ticket. I believe a strong woman can be at least as good as any man in any situation (and sometimes better). However, I believe this exceptionally amazing gender of people is shooting itself in the foot of success.

I know plenty of women that inspire me – from my mom, to my best friend, to political leaders – however, I also know plenty of women who I look at and think, “you are the reason sexism still exists.” I think you know who these women are – they are the mini-skirt wearing, cleavage popping, sloppy drunks we see every weekend. They are the women that crave attention from men, regardless that it may only be because of the size of something other than their brain.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to dance, wear cute outfits, and will occasionally giggle when I get whistled at. But, I don’t find these things crucial, or even necessary, to be a strong woman. I find the most rewarding pieces of myself to be ones that I create, not ones that are temporarily given to me by a creepy man cat-calling me from his car window. By turning inward to find satisfaction, it provides me with a confidence that will never be matched by drunken guys or a push-up bra.

The most successful women I know are fabulous – gorgeous, intelligent, have the ability to stop traffic. They are confident, ambitious, amazing people that I meet everyday. My best friend works in a job market that is filled with the testosterone-driven side of the species.

And why is she good at her job? Because she’s strong, she makes herself happy, and doesn’t need to get fulfillment from others. This is the so-called secret to the success of women. Instead of craving attention and happiness from pathetic aspects of life, find it in yourself. Every day I can count at least a handful of women right on our own campus that are falling into the “reason sexism still exists” category.

I ask you, before going out at night, look at yourself in the mirror and play through how your night will go. If what you’re seeing is creepy boys, drunken mistakes, and popping out of your shirt – reconsider.

The most amazing women I know (who are the most attention getting I know as well) are amazing because they make themselves that way – not because they crave attention. For anyone who is still convinced that skimpy clothes create more attention, ponder this: Men will almost always look at a mini skirt dancing on the bar, but they’re almost always asking out the girl wearing jeans, dancing with her friends.

Well, at least the ones worth paying attention to are.