One in Four: for educating men on dealing with sexual assault

May 3rd, 2007

One in four women will be victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. For this exact reason, men of John Carroll University have come together and formed a group known as One in Four, named for the statistic that one in four college aged woman have been sexually assaulted.
As it is known, most sexual assaults are against women. One in Four’s president, junior Mike Ward says the group tries to focus on educating others about sexual assault.
“One in Four’s goal is to inform men what they can do in order to help a sexual assault survivor recover,” says Ward.
According to the group’s mission is “To eventually end rape and sexual assault in the United States through groundbreaking research and superior educational programming and for there to be no more need for our organization.”
According the group’s advisor, Ryan Knotts, the group has been on JCU’s campus since the fall of 2005, but it was a rocky start.
In January 2006 the group had nine members, but seven dropped out, leaving the group with only three members by May.
This fall brought a whole different story for One in Four, with September recruitment bringing in seven dedicated members. These seven are what really moved the group forward as they put on their presentation for male RA’s, fraternities, ROTC, FYS and other classes.
With the fall’s success, the group added another four after winter recruitment. According to Knotts, the group has put on a total of 15 presentations this year.
Ward agrees with Knotts and says that the group’s biggest accomplishment this year is the “increased number of people in the group as well as presentations given.”
The presentations put on by the group consist of “defining exactly what sexual assault and rape are, presenting a video that helps men realize more fully what it might be like to be sexually assaulted, and then going over specific steps to take in order to begin the road to recovery for someone who experienced a sexual assault,” according to Ward.
To advance their progress, the group is now in the process of forming the women’s version called Every Two Minutes, named for the statistic that every two minutes, a woman is sexually assaulted.
Even with a decreased number of two reported sexual assaults this year, the group feels like they still have a long way to go.
Knotts explained that his hopes are that all freshmen men and all new members to the fraternities see their presentation.
“It has to start with men,” Knotts says. Ward and Knotts both look to expand, there will be more recruitment in the fall.
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