Facilities need evaluation

May 3rd, 2007

John Carroll University prides itself on outstanding athletic facilities such as the Don Shula Stadium and Blue/Gold Weight Room. However, the Stadium, along with other facilities, has become insufficient for athletes needs. We believe that JCU should evaluate these facilities and take action to improve these conditions.
OAC officials had tentative plans to host the track championship at JCU’s Shula stadium. But, due to heathing under the track, specifically the jumper’s runway, track coach Mark McClure recommended that it be relocated. McClure explained that although the risk of an athlete being injured is slim, it is still a risk that he doesn’t want to take.
In addition, Corbo weight room has problems with weight machines that are not being used properly because they are dirty and often the weights stick together. Elliptical machines are squeaky and are usually out of order.
Not maintaining proper care and not taking action for the need of renovations negatively affects current students, prospective students and surrounding communities.
If the University cannot take the proper measures in renovations, it is still possible to provide sanitary and clean workout conditions. This could simply be improved by ensuring that the weight room is cleaned more frequently.
If we do not take steps in order to guarantee top conditions of our athletic facilities, we could potentially run the risk of losing prospective students as well as create a negative label for our athletics. We urge the University to seriously consider improvements to athletic facilities and put JCU on the same level playing ground as other universities.