Articles published in May, 2007

One in Four: for educating men on dealing with sexual assault

One in four women will be victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. For this exact reason, men of John Carroll University have come together and formed a group known as One in Four, named for the statistic that one in four college aged woman have been sexually assaulted.

Person of the Year: Brian Williams

As Vice President of Enrollment at John Carroll University, Williams has transitioned quite nicely from his eight years at Providence College in Rhode Island to here.

Words of Wisdom from the CN Seniors

Carroll News seniors offer words of wisdom.

Facilities need evaluation

John Carroll University prides itself on outstanding athletic facilities such as the Don Shula Stadium and Blue/Gold Weight Room. However, the Stadium, along with other facilities, has become insufficient for athletes needs.

JCU Track not up to par

The once in a decade opportunity for John Carroll University to host the Ohio Athletic Conference track and field championships has slipped through the University’s fingers.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Another year has passed and I’m still Rafferty

Here we are again. Another year at John Carroll is about to become nothing more than a memory. That means it has been an entire year of “You’re Wrong, I’m Rafferty,” and what a year it’s been. Every week, I gave you guys 110 percent.

Ohio Student Choice Grant changed

When John Carroll University first heard about Governor Ted Strickland’s proposed budget cut for the fiscal year of 2008 – 2009, they knew that it would have a large impact on JCU students. In fact, proposed budget cuts would affect more than 1,900 JCU students - more than half of the entire student body.

Lo Castro's Lowdown: Disrespecting the diversity of peers

The other day, I read that Satan was apparently pro-choice. Frankly, up until that point, I didn’t know Satan had a stance on abortion. Boy, was I wrong!

The person underneath the jersey

Brady Quinn. JaMarcus Russell. Adrian Peterson. Now, if you have never heard anyone mention these names in the past few months, I wonder where you have been hiding. All three were top picks in the NFL draft.

FCC bans cable channels

The newest proposal of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is that cable companies offer their channels à la carte. This act, if passed, would have people pay per channel instead of per package as is currently offered. The FCC argues that this would not violate the First Amendment and the goal is to allow parents to regulate shows that their children can view. Instead of resorting to censorship, the FCC should spend its time informing people of how to use existing options like the V–chip/rating reviews.

Pat Kelly and Joel Mullner: For Starting the Biggest Campus Tradition

Over 1400 luminaries glowing around the campus. Close to 900 dedicated participants walking in the wee hours of the night, their smiles never fading. More than $76,000 raised for a cause that affects millions of people. After the weekend was over, seniors and Relay For Life co-chairs Pat Kelly and Joel Mullner have something to be proud of.

The Communications Department: For Top of the Line Technology

The television studio will be overhauled for the first time in its 13 year existence in the O’Malley Center, according to John Carroll University’s Communications and Theatre Arts Department Chair, Mary Ann Flannery. This summer the designs for a digital studio will be implemented, which, according to Flannery, will benefit students immensely.

The Year in Sports

Junior John Curran and the Blue Streak basketball team shared the OAC regular season title with Capital. JCU finished the season with a 21-10 record. The Blue Streaks won 11 of 13 games late in the season and made a trip to the Sweet 16 before losing to Wooster.