SSC goes green

April 26th, 2007

Recently, John Carroll University’s cleaning service Service Solutions Corporation (SSC) adopted a new line of environmentally-friendly general cleaning products to create safer and healthier atmosphere for students.
Although this company has been scrutinized in the past for the lack of cleanliness in bathrooms, SSC is taking a major step in using a company that strongly endorses the use of environmentally-friendly products. It appears to be that it has been one of the only steps that is currently being taken in order to make the John Carroll University campus a better place to live.

SSC says that the use of these Green Seal Certified products, which are odorless, biodegradable, and solvent-free, are just one way to help the environment. Here on campus, the products help improve indoor air quality, reduce waste and lessen the use of recyclable packaging.
Due to growing environmental concerns involving global warming and pollution, the university should take every step possible in preserving the well-being of the environment.

We must therefore explore alternate routes that aid the environment as well as implement these ideas in our everyday lifestyles. Although recycling bins are located in the dorms and groups have been organized for outside cleanups, not everyone is doing his and her part in making sure that the environment is well taken care of.

Hopefully by adopting other eco-friendly products and practicing simple ways to help the environment such as conserving water and recycling, we can help reduce the impact of pollution on our campus.