Scholarship options at JCU

April 26th, 2007

With tuition costs rising to $26,144 next fall, it seems that John Carroll University students would be aggressively seeking scholarship opportunities.

However, despite the thousands of dollars endowed in JCU’s financial aid grants and loans, many students tend to overlook such offers.

The university offers 11 merit- based scholarships, three loan programs, six federal and state grants and work study programs.

Students must be accepted for admission in order to earn these scholarships, and a minimal GPA is required and must be maintained.

Academic departments also offer financial awards to students in their major. The recent trend of eligible students not applying for such awards suggests that they are not even aware of these opportunities.

Sr. Mary Ann Flannery, chair of the Communication and Theatre Arts Department, said that once a student declares Communications as a major, the department sends him or her a pamphlet listing the 15 financial awards and three acknowledgement awards available.

This financial aid comes from sources such as The Plain Dealer, General Electric or from memorial scholarships, all starting at $1,000.

“Many of the students do not pay attention to that,” Flannery said. “The faculty encourages students to apply, but the students don’t take it as seriously as they should.”

Chris Roark, chair of the English Department, said, “The number of students applying for the awards is usually not that many, so it would be good if more students knew about the awards and applied.”

Aside from John Carroll sponsored financial aid, Cleveland Scholarship Programs Inc., known as CSP, serves as a major resource for students in Northeast Ohio.

CSP awards about $3.3 million in scholarships to more than 2,100 students each year averaging over $1,600 per student.

They also provide free and public services such as college and career counseling, motivation for students and college retention programs.

“Many college students don’t know where to start looking for scholarship opportunities” said Cortney Kilbury, head of Public Relations and Marketing for CSP. “Choosing a school and raising the money can sometimes be a little overwhelming. And that’s where we come in.”

CSP can be reached at 216-241-5587 and more information is available on their website,