Producer of hit show, “24” comes home to Carroll

April 26th, 2007

Q: How did you get your job in Hollywood?
A: I didn’t really know anyone, so I had to be persistent. I would read different publications everyday, like Daily Variety and Entertainment Reporter, and just kept calling. I actually went as far as knocking on the doors of Paramount Pictures.

Q: What is it like working in Hollywood?
A: Hollywood is anything but glamorous. It’s just entertainment and some people take it too far. It is full of treachery and deceit.

Q: How did John Carroll help your career?
A: I learned a very valuable lesson in a class taught by Fr. Costa. You shouldn’t just question authority, question everything.

Q: You’ve been both a producer and director. What is it like working with a show like “24”?
A: It taught me to think on my feet. As a producer and director, I had to deal with the unexpected. Each day I wake up and think Dear Lord, help me to do this as a good Christian man today. And then I ask God to help me and those working with me to feel rewarded at the end of the day.

Q: What is most satisfying about directing TV?
A: The director has the first and last word on casting and does more of the story-telling aspect. As a director, I like working with actors and making it all come together, visuals and pictures.

Q: Any advice for students wanting to get into this business?
A: In order to succeed in this business you must a) move to Hollywood and b) have a moral compass. It takes a lot of strength to do this job. You have to believe in what you are doing, stand for something, set a goal and go for it.

-Contributions by Erica Miller