Myspace to get into the news business

April 26th, 2007

MySpace entered into the news business April 12th with a feature that lets its users determine what items other members see.

According to the Associated Press, “MySpace News brings to a much larger audience that user-recommendation capability already available through Digg and Time Warner Inc.’s Netscape.”
“It also marks the site’s further inroads into becoming an Internet portal akin to Yahoo Inc. and others.”

Digg and Netscape rely on user submissions. “MySpace will be able to scan thousands of Web Journals and news sites and group results by categories such as sports and politics.

MySpace will go further than Google Inc.’s news of offering by letting users vote on items, helping to determine what makes the front or section pages.

MySpace will pull and display headlines from outside new sites.
Dan Strauss, whose group helped develop the news service said, “MySpace, like Google, would let publishers exclude their items from the site.”
Diamond Summers, a sophomore at JCU said, “I am a MySpace user and I find it to be a great site.”

Myspace is one of the most visited sites on the Internet.
The controversial social net-working site has almost 200 million profiles.
Myspace began in 2003 and was recently sold to News Corp.