MAPD Net sets goals high

April 26th, 2007

Ever since the article appeared in The Plain Dealer, the MAPD Net project has gotten more and more successful by the day.

“We’re as excited as ever,” said senior Phil Terpolilli, chief financial officer of MAPD Net.

The team went to California to compete in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development National Collegiate Venture Forum.

Although they didn’t win anything there, they did win the LaunchTown entrepreneurship award.

Winning that award landed them with a $1,000 check, as well as $50,000 in start up money which they can use towards web design, consulting, patent law, accounting and many other aspects of the company.

The MAPD Net company had a meeting with the Akron ARCHAngels, a group that looks stimulate the economy in Northeast Ohio.

If they pass the initial screening they will meet again with the group either May 31 or in early September to ask for over $100,000 in early stage start-up money.

The full group only meets four times per year.

The group is also talking to members of the faculty and students at Case Western Reserve University to start a collaberative effort of making the company work as smoothly as possible.

Boler School of Business seniors, Aaron Joslin, 22, Daniel Lynch, 22, and Terpolilli, 21, started the idea of the business over Christmas break.The business had a plan to increase security on university campuses.

People will carry around handheld devices that will have signals that can be triggered if a person finds himself or herself in danger.

The group said that the incident at Virginia Tech has pushed their motivation even further than it already was.

“Fifty students pressing their ‘panic’ button at that school may have made the difference between five people dying and 33,” said Terpolilli.

“Stopping violent crimes at college campuses is our number one priority with MAPD Net.”

The group started out with four members, but due to “conflicting views of company culture and visions of where MAPD Net is heading,” said Terpolilli, senior Mike Rohrer, chief operating officer has decided to leave.

Rohrer’s “services and contribution was great in helping make MAPD Net what it is now,” Terpolilli said.