Sasaki makes their suggestions

April 19th, 2007

Sasaki Associates, Inc. presented changes and improvements to the on-campus residential facilities, student life areas and parking in the last of John Carroll University’s series of master plan meetings.

Possible suggestions were to reconfigure Murphy, Dolan and Pacelli halls into suite-style living in order to attract upperclassmen. Sutowski, Hamlin and Campion halls would remain as they are currently formatted.

The big question for Sasaki is Millor Hall. “Millor Hall’s brick is deteriorating, and needs several other improvements,” said Madden. “The question is, does the University want to spend a large sum of money to improve Millor, or would it be more cost-efficient to knock the entire building down?”

In the overall campus analysis, Sasaki project manager Tyler Patrick first pointed out the positive features of the JCU campus. “Every building at John Carroll is within a ten minute walking circle, which is very convenient to students,” said Patrick.

Another strongpoint mentioned were the courtyards in front of several of the resident halls. Patrick said, “These courtyards could become more areas for student activity. They are such an asset to the University, and should be capitalized upon.”

However, issues such as more student vibrancy and parking were brought up as problematic. While areas such as the Lombardo Student Center and the RecPlex are considered good areas to promote student unity and involvement, more areas are needed to benefit the student population.

Parking, according to Sasaki representatives, is one of the biggest problems John Carroll faces. Currently, the University has 1,621 parking spaces.

However, Sasaki said that they hope the need for more parking spaces would decrease in future years if more students moved on campus.

Sasaki also presented the idea of recreating the rest of the Hamlin Quad, which currently is half-covered by the Temporary parking lot.

The plan would be to destroy the temporary parking lot and have more grass available for student lounging and enjoyment. However, this would eliminate over 250 parking spaces that currently exist.

Another part of Sasaki’s vision is to create four districts, all pertaining to some aspect of the University. One district would be the Campus Town, containing the shops on Fairmount Circle.

A second district would be the Academic Core, including the O’Malley Center, Administration Building and Boler School of Business.

A third district would be a Student Life district. This would include the Lombardo Student Center and RecPlex. The fourth district would be the Athletic Fields, such as the Don Shula Stadium complex.

The next Master Plan meetings will be on May 22. The focus of these meetings will be to present a series of development alternatives to faculty, staff and students.