Articles published in April, 2007

Former JCU student killed at VA Tech

Last week’s Virginia Tech massacre hit close to home at John Carroll University. Kevin Granata, a professor in the department of engineering science and mechanics at VA Tech, attended JCU for two years, from 1980 to 1982.

Boler dean leaves

Luis Calingo has abruptly stepped down as dean of the Boler School of Business, less than a full year into his tenure as head of the college. Calingo’s resignation letter cited only family concerns as his reason for leaving. He has accepted a position as dean of the School of Business and Leadership at Dominican University in California, according to an April 17 news release from Dominican.

Brody brings humor to ‘In the Land of Women’

Adam Brody seems to carry the essence of his “OC” character, Seth Cohen, in every film that he is featured in. And Brody’s latest film, “In the Land of Women,” is no different.

Scholarship options at JCU

With tuition costs rising to $26,144 next fall, it seems that John Carroll University students would be aggressively seeking scholarship opportunities. However, despite the thousands of dollars endowed in JCU’s financial aid grants and loans, many students tend to overlook such offers.

Producer of hit show, “24” comes home to Carroll

Q: How did you get your job in Hollywood? A: I didn’t really know anyone, so I had to be persistent. I would read different publications everyday, like Daily Variety and Entertainment Reporter, and just kept calling. I actually went as far as knocking on the doors of Paramount Pictures. Q: What is it like…

Late rally gives JCU win over defending national champs

Bases loaded, two outs and a tie game. This is a situation that every baseball player dreams of when they are growing up. This was the situation that John Carroll University senior first baseman Warren Ciabattoni faced in JCU’s second game of their doubleheader with defending Division III national champions Marietta College on Saturday.

Supreme Court upholds ban on partial birth abortion in 5-4 vote

The Supreme Court last week ruled that the nationwide ban on a specific partial birth abortion procedure was to be upheld. The 5-4 decision said that it is constitutional to deny a woman access to this particular method of abortion.Politicians on both sides were quick to react.

Softball’s playoff hopes fall short

It is rare for a team chasing a playoff spot to have the opportunity to play the team that holds the very spot they are chasing. This past weekend John Carroll University’s softball team had the opportunity to take over Mount Union’s spot in the standings. However, JCU was swept by Mount Union.

Cardinal Levada shares his hope

Every year, the Margaret F. Grace lecture has the consistent theme of hope. This year the speaker could not have had a more inspirational story.

The $40,000 goal is almost doubled

With the support of over 65 teams and 832 participants, John Carroll University’s first annual Relay For Life surpassed all goals set, making $76,255.53. Originally, JCU had set goals of gathering 50 teams, and raising $40,000.

MAPD Net sets goals high

Ever since the article appeared in The Plain Dealer, the MAPD Net project has gotten more and more successful by the day.

Choosing the vote wisely

For all the media coverage the 2008 presidential election has already generated, alarmingly small amounts have been devoted to legitimate political issues. Instead, the reporting of the race has so far centered on money, sex, and innuendo.

Lip Sync Review

Although members of the sororities and fraternities may have been fake singing, there was nothing fake about the sheer entertainment provided by the Lip Sync contest in Kulas Auditorium on Thursday, April 19.

Mind and body exercises to de-stress and energize before finals

With final exams quickly approaching, it seems as though the stress just keeps coming. Final projects, papers and tests are all weighing heavily on our minds as we try to get through the rest of the semester.

Browns have many options with third pick

Can you believe it? The Cleveland Browns actually won something! Yep, you heard it right. The Browns won their much-anticipated coin toss with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the number 3 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Two in the Box: Mock Draft 2007

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell QB, L.S.U. - Oakland’s quarterback situation was more than lackluster last season. Russell is a big, athletic quarterback who can give Oakland an edge under center from his first day on the job.

“Vacancy” gives a vacancy of originality

Why does it seem that all horror movies these days follow the same plot lines and contain the same clichés?

Myspace to get into the news business

MySpace entered into the news business April 12th with a feature that lets its users determine what items other members see.

SSC goes green

Recently, John Carroll University’s cleaning service Service Solutions Corporation (SSC) adopted a new line of environmentally-friendly general cleaning products to create safer and healthier atmosphere for students.

Ode to the Greek

Greek Week isn’t all eating tacos and running around the Quad or mouthing the words to songs. It is about showing the unity of John Carroll University’s Greek Life. This past week sororities and fraternities participated in a weeklong tradition filled with events full of entertainment.

The Resiliency of Generation Y

Resiliency. It appears to be one of the only words that can truly define the young men and women of the Y Generation.

Policies assessed

In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, many universities are re-examining their school safety and security policies. The policies are as varied as the institutions. It is crucial that such policies are not placeboes, or worse, counterproductive.

Sasaki evaluates the campus

Representatives from Sasaki Associates, Inc. discussed suggestions for John Carroll University’s Master Plan on April 12, mentioning vast improvements in residence halls and athletic complexes.

VA Tech brings campus safety into question at JCU

Once the dust finally settled over the Virginia Tech campus shootings, there seemed to be several mixed feelings of shock and agony. But, more than anything, the situation left some very important questions.

Major League Baseball swings into 2007 season

Casey Goetz The Carroll News American League AL East- Boston Red Sox AL Central- Detroit Tigers AL West- Los Angeles Angels AL Wild Card- Minnesota Twins National League NL East- Atlanta Braves NL Central- Milwaukee Brewers NL West- Los Angeles Dodgers NL Wild Card- New York Mets Chris Ostrander Sports Editor American League AL East-…