Edwards cancer battle doesn’t slow her down

March 29th, 2007

Former Senator John Edwards announced at a press conference on Thursday, March 22 that his wife, Elizabeth’s, breast cancer is back.

CNN News reports that 2004 was the last time Elizabeth had undergone treatment.
But based on recent test results, doctors say she is currently in the fourth stage of breast cancer meaning it has spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes.

At this stage the cancer is incurable but it is treatable.

However, whether treatment will involve hormone therapy or chemotherapy has not been determined.

At a news conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Elizabeth continued to be optimistic.

“I expect to do next week all the things I did last week. And the week after that, and next year at the same time,” she said.

Despite this family struggle, John Edwards’ decision to uphold his campaign for the 2008 presidential nomination remains strong.

Edwards said, “Anyone who wants to be President of the United States needs to understand and recognize that there will be very difficult, intense, high-pressure times when judgments have to be made,” according to The Plain Dealer.

“If you’re not able to, in a focused, thoughtful way, to deal with this kind of pressure, you’re not ready to be president.”

Larry Schwab, professor of political science at John Carroll University said, “The impact will be positive and help him gain support for his national health insurance program.”

Schwab believes that Elizabeth’s involvement and support of her husband is beneficial and that it’s better for her self interest.

Elizabeth spoke at The City Council Club in Cleveland on Monday, March 26 where she discussed her medical condition.

The Plain Dealer reported the scheduled event is part of the Women in the Game series, which is co-sponsored by the YWCA of Cleveland.