Distinguished faculty member awarded

March 29th, 2007

Paul Lauritzen, Religious Studies professor and the director of the Program in Applied Ethics, received John Carroll University’s Distinguished Faculty Award this year.

The undergraduate bulletin states that this award, given annually since 1969, is the highest honor that the University can present to a faculty member.

At the end of the fall semester, Academic Vice President David LaGuardia called for nominations for this honor from both faculty and students. The award committee selects the distinguished faculty member based on excellence in classroom teaching, scholarship, leadership of students and community activism.

Lauritzen graduated from The University of Virginia cum laude, with a degree in Government and Foreign Affairs and Religious Studies. He also earned his master’s degree is Religious Studies from UVA and completed his doctorate entitled “Western Religious Thought: Ethics; Philosophy of Religion” at Brown University.

Lauritzen came to teach at John Carroll in 1985, with a keen interest in Ethics. He was attracted to Cleveland’s first rate medical facilities and the many people involved in the bio-ethical field.

He found John Carroll’s Jesuit tradition and suburban Cleveland location to be the best place to share bio-ethical field.

He found John Carroll’s Jesuit tradition and suburban Cleveland location to be the best place to share and develop his knowledge of ethics, particularly bio-ethics, reproduction technology, stem cell research and cloning. His predecessor at JCU left the department to establish a bio-ethics program at the Cleveland Clinic.

In 2003, President Bush’s Council on Bioethics commissioned a report on the ethics of stem cell research from Lauritzen. He was also the holder of the McKeever Chair in Moral Theology at St. John’s University last year.

“This is a wonderful award because it is chosen by a committee of my peers who have been identified as accomplished individuals among many very talented people,” Lauritzen said.
Matt Berg of the History Department nominated Lauritzen for this honor. “He is an outstanding colleague and pleasure to work with,” said Berg.

“He is a widely recognized scholar who always takes a public stand and he cares passionately about his teaching.”

Last year’s award winner and Economics professor Andrew Welki said that the award is inspiring for many people, because Distinguished Faculty Members “are colleagues that you respect for their contributions to JCU and elsewhere.”