JCU ‘Celebrates’ its academics

March 22nd, 2007

Teaching, discovery, integration, and application. These are the four general views of scholarship in Ernest Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered that lie at the core of John Carroll’s Celebration of Scholarship. These views of scholarship are what Mary E. Beadle, dean of the graduate school, based the event on, which was held from Monday March 19 through Thursday, March 22.

What started out as about 18 featured presentations in the Atrium of the Student Center six years ago has grown into over 50 poster presentations, many panel sessions, evening lectures, an art show and Arts at Lunch. More than 29 departments and offices are involved, according to the event’s Web site.

“It was started to show off the achievements of the administration, faculty, staff, and primarily the students,” said Celebration Assistant Robert Ramser. “It’s a time when those groups of people can present things they’ve published, papers they’ve written, presentations on subjects they’re knowledgeable in, study abroad experiences, and immersion trips.”

This annual week-long event gives members of the John Carroll Community the opportunity to become knowledgeable in a variety of fields, some they would never encounter.

“It’s done to give people who don’t usually have the chance to go to presentations and acquire a more diverse knowledge base and be educated by their peers,” said Ramser.

Celebration of Scholarship showcases the talents of not only the “most-learned individuals,” but of those who have made a difference.

Panels on continuing the Katrina Relief Effort, John Paul II and women in the Church, and Political Issues of the 21st century showed that difference. Scholarship is not just “book” scholarship, said Ramser, “It’s life scholarship.”

This life scholarship, “goes outside the classroom, extends to the dorms, excursions, religious activities, friends and makes us well-rounded individuals.” Scholarship is at the heart of this Jesuit University,” said Ramser. “People need to be educated on all levels to become the best they can be.”

The most rewarding part of putting on an event like Celebration of Scholarship? “I really enjoy listening to the presentations by students and faculty,” said Director of Sponsored Research Cathy Anson. “There’s a wealth of research and scholarship happening at the University and Celebration of Scholarship offers a community-wide forum to share that information.”

“Celebration of Scholarship finally shows the school what John Carroll is all about,” said Ramser. “It wants more John Carroll students to see what other students are doing, and possibly ignite a spark for next year’s Celebration.” Meaning that it’s never too early to start thinking about being a part of next year’s celebration.

Those interested in participating in this John Carroll tradition should contact