The best week ever

March 1st, 2007

I am hoping that most of you have previously seen “The Best Week Ever” on VH1.

If you haven’t watched the weekly hour of comedic genius, please check it out, I can guarantee it will make you laugh.

I’m going to lay this down on the table for you. These past few weeks have not been “The Best Weeks Ever.”

Don’t get me wrong, they have been good, but they have been filled with midterms, papers and massive amounts of reading.

I’m getting tired.

Sleep has become something I’m not really sure I remember how to do.

My roommate hasn’t seen me in so long, (due to the extensive amount of time I spend elsewhere on campus studying) I’m not sure if she remembers what I look like.

I am truly looking forward to spring break, although after the nine short days off, I will once again be immersed into the hectic schedule of everyday college life.

In fact, I already know that I have a presentation and a paper due the week we return, so it looks like my “break” might turn into just another week of schoolwork.

Over these past few hectic weeks, I have prided myself in creating a game plan for my “Best Week Ever.”

It is sad to say, but the thought of this detailed plan has kept me smiling and sane.

The even sadder thing is my “Best Week Ever” will take place a little over three years from now, the week after I graduate from John Carroll University, The Jesuit University in Cleveland. (I challenge all of the current seniors to live out this “Best Week Ever” the week after you graduate. You all most definitely deserve it.)

Here’s the plan:
The week will begin on Sunday May 23. If I calculated that correctly it would be the day of graduation for the class of 2010.

Following commencement ceremonies, which will hopefully be held under sunny conditions on the JCU quadrangle, I will spend some quality time with my friends and family.

I’m anticipating some sort of nice dinner and maybe some cocktails afterwards.

The next day (and each day for the following week) I will sleep until noon, when I will wake up to the sweet sound of Jack Johnson playing on my iPod. This beautiful wake up will be followed by brunch in bed. (I’m a sucker for omelets.)

My afternoons will be filled with time to watch television, which does not really happen too often as of late. I think I’ll catch up on some good old Lifetime Movies, re-runs of “The Price is Right” and of course, “The Best Week Ever.”

Since I should be having the best week ever, maybe you’ll see me on the show, I think that the cast would have a pretty easy time making fun of me.

After the time for relaxation, I would receive a head massage while having my hair washed with the greatest smelling shampoo ever made. (You ladies know how amazing it is to have your hair washed at the salon.)

Last but not least, my evenings would be filled with romantic dinners, bubble baths, several viewings of the movie “Elf” and a large bowl of Ben & Jerry’s “Jamaican Me Crazy” sorbet.

My “Best Week Ever” would be followed by finding a job, an apartment and all of that “real world” stuff.

But for now, I’m just going to look forward to May 23, 2010 and my “Best Week Ever.”