Room for improvement

March 1st, 2007

There is some stuff John Carroll does right and some stuff it screws up. You can visit to find out the former. But, I’m here to list a couple things that JCU can do to improve the quality of student life.

I’m not here to whine about the things that are wrong with this place, but to make people aware of problems and pose some solutions.

Memo to the folks in Rodman, make sure you remove this part of the paper when the JCU potential come to visit. Yeah, they might wonder where page 14 went, but it’s for the best.

The only word that could describe my visit to Parkhurst last Friday was flabbergasted. At the Jesuit University in Cleveland, the main entrée for the First Friday of Lent was turkey meatloaf. Really guys, meatloaf?

Now, I’m sure the Parkhurst management would say that they also had cheese tortellini, peanut butter and jelly and their always edible pizza.

It is hard enough to remember not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent as it is. But, when the first thing you see when walking into the cafeteria on the first Friday of Lent is meatloaf, it makes remembering even more difficult.

This is a Catholic university –– you should at least promote it. You can still keep the hamburgers and hotdogs out for those who want it. But, why not feature your famous grilled cheese and tomato sandwich? Yeah, they put tomatoes on grilled cheese, but at least it doesn’t have meat.

I think I echo the student body when I say that I would be very disappointed if Parkhurst was back next semester.

Honestly, I am tired of hearing people complain about finding rocks in their mashed potatoes. We need to bring someone new in here so we can complain about different things. Don’t worry, union contracts mean the Parkhurst employees won’t be going anywhere.

Now, here comes one of JCU’s hottest issues, the graduation ceremony. People have been graduating here for a while, so you would think we could have gotten this down by now, but it is a complex issue.

Let me start out by saying the Hamlin Quad is a horrible idea. It is mostly a parking lot and a terribly uneven one at that. Get rid of the temporary lot, then we’ll talk.

In the ideal world, the Main Quad is the best bet.

The problem is that if it drizzles three months prior to the ceremony it will still be soaked. This leaves us with Shula Stadium, in my humble opinion, our best outdoor venue for commencement.

Yeah, you can’t really see campus from the field, but families will get a great view when they have to walk there from their parking spot behind Dolan.

And if it rains, throw the ceremony in the gym. I know that means limiting the amount of guests you can have. That means that one aunt you only see on Christmas probably won’t be able to come.

Limited guests is actually a good thing. Most of the friends and relatives that show up are just trying to be polite, they really don’t want to go to your boring graduation ceremony anyways.

The exception is if we get Tim Russert back as commencement speaker, then we’ll just move it to Cleveland State.