CDigix no longer an option

March 1st, 2007

The hopes of bringing a legal file sharing system to John Carroll University took a blow when CDigix announced they were leaving the music market at the end of February.

A representative from the company told the University that CDigix was no longer providing music service to schools.

Instead, they are focusing on educational media.

“We basically had the service ready to go,” said Student Union President Andy Costigan.

CDigix was an attempt to fight the illegal music and movie downloading that occurs at JCU and college campuses around the world.

Last semester the SU began talking to companies that could provide JCU with a legal downloading service.

Costigan outlined it as a major goal of his administration.

JCU paid no money to CDigix.

“If it is possible and feasible to do with another company, we’ll do it,” Costigan said.