Articles published in March, 2007

Embracing our imperfections

The front page of Sunday’s Plain Dealer featured a set of three-year-old twin girls from Romania who are conjoined at the head. If that front page picture doesn’t shock readers, I don’t know what will.

Softball continues see-saw season

So far the 2007 softball season for John Carroll University has been a tale of two teams. JCU either gives a dominating performance or drops narrow losses. JCU spent their spring break trip to Florida flip-flopping wins and losses, and the streak continued this Sunday as JCU faced Kenyon College.

Does plastic generation go too far?

Tuck, suck, inject, and reshape have become common terms tossed around the doctor’s office in today’s society. Plastic surgery, whether for medical purposes or cosmetic, is no stranger to lives of Americans. It is not a stranger to young people either.

Hi, my name is…

All parents have some type of intention when naming their children. Whether it is extremely methodical and explored during the duration of a woman’s pregnancy or as simple as opening up a name book and pointing to the first one that sounds remotely decent, a first name is quite special.

Arrupe Finalists announced

Finalists for the annual presentation of scholarships by the Arrupe Scholars Program for Social Action will be named on April 1 at John Carroll University. The scholarship presentation will finalize a six week long search and filter of students that exemplify critical thinking and engagement in social justice, as well as participation in community service that leads to social action.

NBC and NewsCorp. merge

Online video streaming is becoming a new pastime for most Americans–and it’s not going away any time soon. NBC Universal and News Corp., owner of Fox, have recently merged in order to create a new network that will distribute videos via the internet.

Student Choice Grant threatened

Recently, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland proposed a plan to reallocate who would receive the Ohio Student Choice Grant (SCG).

Protecting the youth

It is time for the government to step up to the plate and create an enforceable law that will actually provide protection for children against indecent Web sites on the internet.

Strong second half fuels upset victory

John Carroll University men’s lacrosse came back from four goals to produce the biggest win for the JCU men’s program this season. JCU played three games over the weekend, ending with a 1-2 record after playing Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University and Slippery Rock University.

Iraq bombers detonate car with two children inside

Iraq insurgents detonated a car bomb with two children still sitting in the back seat last week. The children were used as decoys to get the car through a military checkpoint in Baghdad.

Reconsider implants

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 400,000 United States females receive breast implants each year. Of that number, only 10 percent are replacing breasts they have lost, most frequently to cancer. This statistic proves that most surgeries are for cosmetic and not reconstructive purposes. People should appreciate the bodies that they are given and only alter their appearance for medical reasons – such as cancer.

Baseball splits with Mount Union

Hitting played a crucial factor for John Carroll University’s baseball team, as they split two games with fellow Ohio Athletic Conference member Mount Union College last Sunday at Schweickert Field.

1998 online porn law overturned

A federal judge ruled last Thursday that software filters work much better than the 1998 federal law designed to keep Internet pornography away from children. The judge struck down the law as a violation of free speech.

Edwards cancer battle doesn’t slow her down

Former Senator John Edwards announced at a press conference on Thursday, March 22 that his wife, Elizabeth’s, breast cancer is back. CNN News reports that 2004 was the last time Elizabeth had undergone treatment. But based on recent test results, doctors say she is currently in the fourth stage of breast cancer meaning it has spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes.

Heavyweights make it to Atlanta

UCLA Darren Collison and UCLA hope get back to the national title game. UCLA will try to avenge last year’s National Championship loss to the Gators. Two starters return from last year, junior Aaron Afflalo and sophomore Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. The road to Atlanta for the Bruins included wins over Weber State, Indiana,…

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: It’s time to spice up your life

For the most part, you can find stuff to do at John Carroll University. For example, last weekend you might have brought up your younger siblings and exposed them to things like Parkhurst and drunken college students. I’m not sure which is worse. But, maybe around 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, things can start to drag.

Dining companies linked to global prison industry

Two food service providers bidding for a John Carroll University dining contract have been criticized for their investment in and support of the global prison industry.

Hostage free from Taliban

An Italian journalist was exchanged for five Taliban prisoners after being held hostage in southern Afghanistan. This is the first time prisoners have been exchanged since the United States and allies invaded Iraq. The hostage, Daniele Mastrogiamcomo, 52, writes for the leftist newspaper La Repubblica.

Putting the “i” in twin

For a few students at John Carroll University, including freshmen Elias and Vicky Haddad, freshmen Matt and Tony Mihalich, and juniors Adam and Cara Pizzurro, they don’t have the option of avoiding their siblings. Not only are these brothers and sisters going to school together, but they are all twins.

Make or break season for Tribe

With opening day four days away, the Cleveland Indians will open the 2007 campaign with renewed expectations. Anything short of a playoff birth will result in the season being deemed a failure.

JCU sports headlines

Women’s golf captures first place in Mount Union Invitational. John Carroll won the tournament with 346 strokes, edging Ohio Northern (349) by just three shots.

Distinguished faculty member awarded

Paul Lauritzen, Religious Studies professor and the director of the Program in Applied Ethics, received John Carroll University’s Distinguished Faculty Award this year. The undergraduate bulletin states that this award, given annually since 1969, is the highest honor that the University can present to a faculty member.

Terry's Talkin': No love for “New York”

I do not love New York. Don’t get me wrong –– I love the beautiful state of New York. Unfortunately, there is one New York I do not love and that happens to be the television show on VH1 dubbed, “I Love New York.”

New editor in chief named

Junior Katie Mahoney was elected editor in chief of The Carroll News for the 2007-2008 academic year. Mahoney began at the CN her freshman year as a staff assistant and from there moved to head the World News section.

The Why? Files: Why all of the other numbers are afraid of 7