Working out with London Fletcher

February 22nd, 2007

London Fletcher-Baker and I are pretty close. To put it in AIM terms, we’re “bffs.”

For those of you who are not enlightened as to who Fletch is, let me give you an abridged version of his resume.

He is a NFL linebacker who has led the Buffalo Bills in tackles since he arrived there in 2002.

He won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams.

To put it bluntly, he’s the bee’s knees.

Oh yeah and he graduated from JCU in 1997.

The relationship between Fletch and I began on a sunny day in Orchard Park, New York.

It was 2004, and another disappointing season of Buffalo Bills football was set to begin.

I stood outside the player’s parking lot, trying to match athletes up with the color of the Hummer they drove. That’s when I saw Fletch come rolling in.

I yelled “Yo Fletch” and he waved in my general direction.

A security guard stared at me until I left.

The Bills lost that game, but Fletcher stole my heart.

I built a Madden Dynasty around him, the Buffalo Fletcher-Bakers.
Unfortunately, in the first game Fletcher sustained a career ending injury, so I moved the team to Mexico City and that was the end of it.

Then, in the most recent chapter of our storybook friendship, Fletch and I have been working out together.

By working out together I mean that we were both in the Corbo at the same time.

There are not a lot of other schools where you’re going to see pro athletes working out in the same facility as the general student body, certainly not Baldwin-Wallace.

I thought about going in with my Fletcher jersey on while he was there.

I would act very surprised when I saw him.

“You’re London Fletcher and I’m wearing your jersey, what a coincidence!”

I would then ask him if he wanted to see my dorm room, or if he wanted to hang out later.

Maybe he would like to grab dinner at Parkhurst?

I would use a guest pass on him.

I was also going to ask him if I could just stand next to him while he was lifting, pretending to spot him. We could give each other high fives after each set.

My ultimate goal is to have Fletch tackle me.

Yea, I realize this would cause severe bodily damage to me.

But, when people asked me how I broke my leg, my answer would be “London Fletcher-Baker tackled me.”

If I died, the cause of death would simply read, “London Fletcher-Baker jacked this kid up.”

Even if you don’t like football, you have to respect how hard Fletch promotes JCU.

Nationally syndicated sports talk show host Jim Rome asked him in his rookie season what he would do if the whole NFL thing didn’t work out for him.

His response was, “Do you realize I have a degree from John Carroll University? I can get a job anywhere in the country.”

How can you not love the guy?