Keeping the dorms clean

February 22nd, 2007

Service Solutions Corporations (SSC), the cleaning service here at John Carroll University, seems always under scrutiny. However, conditions in the dorms and in particular the bathrooms are significantly better than they were last year.

While there will probably always be complaints about the cleaning service, it is crucial that this point be made, if there was a greater effort made by students to tidy up after themselves, many of the current complaints would be rectified.

Some common complaints pertaining to dorm bathrooms is that there is hair in the sink, toilet paper on the floor, a toilet unflushed or the garbage can overflow.

How do you think those things happen? With just a little extra care, all of these problems with the bathrooms would be solved.

It is true that occasionally paper towels run out and the soap dispenser is empty, but cut SSC a break. They are doing the best they can.

SSC replaced ABM Cleaning Service in 2002 and its contract with the University runs out this year. In addition to providing the campus with a better than average cleaning service, SSC provides its employees with better medical benefits than such collective bargaining units as ABM.

Even though at times it is easy to long for a flip-flop-less shower, remember that it is not only JCU’s showers that require sandals, it is the same on every college campus.

SSC is providing adequate cleaning services to the dorms, it is time for students to step up their game and clean up after themselves.