JCU Chapter of One Corps grows stronger

February 15th, 2007

Recently, a chapter of One Corps was introduced on John Carroll University’s campus and the group is already having a positive influence.

The JCU chapter was started by junior Tom Haren and now has thirty chapter members and a Facebook group of 120 students.

Haren states, “One Corps is an organization started by John Edwards that is based around the philosophy that if we want to see change, then we have to go out and actually start changing something.”

It is based on the idea that people shouldn’t wait for others to do the change they want to see. One Corps take it on as their responsibility.

They operate with the attitude that by joining with friends, family, neighbors, etc. they really can make a difference. Haren says they are stronger together.

One Corps is a unique campus organization that has helped many people find their true place at John Carroll.

One Corps

Haren was inspired to create the JCU Chapter because he found “there were quite a few students here at Carroll who weren’t satisfied with what becomes kind of the three main aspects of college: “class, work, party.”

Simply put, he wanted more. So he started looking for ways to get involved. He wanted something that would bring him out of his ‘bubble.’ “That’s when I, like many others, found One Corps.”
After his loss for Student Union President, Haren still wanted to bring his ideas to campus and aid the less fortunate.

Although Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards started the organization, the group has no political affiliation. Instead of focusing on politics, the group emphasizes advocacy and charity. Haren confirms the bipartisanship of the group because “One Corps doesn’t wait for politics.”

One Corps has events planned for the semester.

During the week of February 19-23, it will be hosting a clothing drive to benefit the Labre Project, a meal and friendship program where JCU students interact with the homeless. Haren reported that they already have over $300 worth of donations to raffle off for the Clothing Drive.

Students can either purchase raffle tickets or donate clothing in exchange for tickets. The prizes are from local businesses such as Jamaican-Me-Tan, Pizza Pan and Arabica, to name a few.

In March, the organization will be holding an event at Jake’s for all students, as well as a flip-flop drive for children in Africa.

This organization is accessible to every student on campus. To get involved, join the Facebook group and sign up for the JCU Chapter at

To become involved in the group whose goal is simple, “We want to change the world,” or for questions about upcoming events and the JCU Chapter contact Tom Haren at