Affordable Education

February 15th, 2007

JCU is changing its financial aid strategy. The goal is to open opportunities to families with “low” financial income and increase the number of students who have excellent educational records.

John Carroll’s new financial aid policy would enable students who meet certain requirements to attend John Carroll for less than it would normally cost. To be eligible the student would have to meet admission requirements and have an annual family income of less than $40,000. After taking out a federal loan for $3,500, the student’s final bill would be $2,000. These students would also be expected to engage in community service projects.

School officials have noted that many students eliminate JCU as a college option because they believe that the price is too high. These financial aid changes should make JCU an affordable option for many otherwise qualified potential students. College officials expect a small increase in class size in the next few years and a more significant increase in later years. The change in the aid policy will increase the diversity of the student body at JCU.

There are numerous criteria to JCU admission requirements. Admissions counselors look at the quality of the applicant’s high school curriculum, GPA and SAT or ACT test scores and the application essay. Other factors such as extracurricular activities, as well as teacher or counselor recommendations help during the evaluation process. Changing the financial aid strategy will increase the number of students who can attend John Carroll. The University Heights community will also benefit as students become more involved in community service projects. In turn, JCU may receive a more positive response from University Heights residents.

Altogether this new financial aid strategy looks like a great idea. Student enrollment has been going down in recent years. These changes may increase the number of students who can afford to attend JCU, while maintaining the same level of academic rigor.Ultimately, it has the potential to create an even stronger JCU community.