Make SUPB the thing to do

February 8th, 2007

I have to say that after two and a half years on campus all SUPB has done for me is hook me up with a few free T-shirts. It has not been my “something to do.”

JCU has provided me the opportunity to play college hockey and attend a fantastic school. One bonus to playing a club sport is that the members of the club run the team.

For the five of you that attended games before this season, one of the team’s biggest issues is getting fans to the games. However, we should have someone on our side, SUPB. You would think that our problems would be solved but SUPB sponsored games were poorly attended, to say the least.

This year SUPB didn’t even bother sponsoring a game, despite my attempts to ask them for support, and my friend, that is a member, pulling for us at the meetings. Alas the hockey games were dubbed unsuccessful, and the fans didn’t receive our precious transportation.

This is why I feel SUPB needs an overhaul. The team has run numerous promotions this year and we have far surpassed our attendance numbers from last season, in fact we have packed the stands at Gilmour Academy many times. I ask you, SUPB, how unsuccessful is that? I personally opened lines of conversation and got nowhere. Had SUPB worked with the team they would have had something they usually do not have –– a successful event.

Aside from peddling my own organization I will of course provide an outsiders view of other events that I have no hand in. For example, I bet the rugby team would like to have some JCU students taken out to a match, especially considering the team won a championship last year.

As for the big acts brought to Carroll I like the effort put forth to get Jim Breuer (hilarious) and bands like Guster and The Clarks. Caroline Rhea was humorous and I commend whoever pulled her in, but Colin Mochrie was disappointing. I didn’t bother to see Jason Mraz because the only remedy I need after hearing his music is provided by the boys at Tylenol.

There is so much potential to get bigger acts at JCU. Rather than having a zillion small activities that are poorly attended, why not throw relatively larger activities? That way they could pull off some real big acts for the spring and fall.

Before I graduate I would LOVE to see Lewis Black as the homecoming comedian, and my vote for the spring concert is Five for Fighting (they are big hockey fans). So I beg you, work with student organizations to make SUPB the thing to do on, or off campus.