CN ready for new website

February 8th, 2007

The Carroll News and WJCU are moving towards the wave of the future, together.

Starting this weekend, the radio stations Web site,, will have a link to The Carroll News’ new site to begin what has been called a media conglomerate.

“We are finally entering the wave of the future, I’m hoping this breaks the barrier between radio and print journalism at John Carroll and we can move towards joint projects down the road,” said Mark Krieger, Communications professor and Director of WJCU.

He emphasized that the two are not in competition. “It makes sense for us to work together, it’s what consumers are beginning to expect from media,” Krieger said.

This is the first time the two entities have worked together, and it is a step towards the 21st century, “most schools did this about seven years ago,” Krieger said.

According to Krieger, The Carroll News targets an on-campus audience, while WJCU aims more towards an off-campus audience.

“It doesn’t take a PhD. to realize that between the two there is a powerful apparatus, if the two work in tandem a lot could be accomplished,” he added.

Krieger also expressed ideas of continuous expansion for the website.

He hopes to eventually add the on-campus television station to the website. Including information about the station and shows.

“This is the wave of the future, it’s what students need to learn to be able to compete in the media industry,” he said.

WJCU is excited about this addition too.

“The Carroll News is a fine newspaper, and it’s a plus for both of us to have them on our website,” Krieger said.

The WJCU website is in its fourth year of operation.