Articles published in February, 2007

Will it rain on our parade?

This coming May, there will be a parade of graduates traversing the stage at John Carroll University. Or will there be? Graduations are traditionally held in the quad. However, that tradition requires the cooperation of Mother Nature.

JCU women top arch-rival B-W

Streaks are meant to be ended, and the John Carroll University Women’s Basketball team did just that when they defeated cross-town rival Baldwin-Wallace College 61-58 last Thursday night.

JCU swimming finishes third at OAC championships

John Carroll University’s Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving teams both placed third this past weekend in the OAC Swimming and Diving Championships in Akron, despite valiant individual awards and records.

Seniors lead way to OAC title

On a day where six members of the John Carroll University men’s basketball team played their last regular season home game, two of the six seniors went out with career days.

Wrestling takes third at OAC’s

Regardless of lack of inexperience, the John Carroll University wrestling team battled to a third place finish at the OAC wrestling championships this weekend. Entering the tournament, only junior Adam Pizzurro and senior Ryan Summers had ever wrestled their way to a conference final. By the end of their tournament JCU had three more wrestlers that had made championship match appearances.

CSS-caring, sensitive, sensational

Many times, when reading my pages for the paper on Tuesday nights, I come across articles belittling one very important campus organization. I am talking about CSS. Yes, Campus Safety Services. Day in and day out, they are on campus (and off, if Miramar and Milford count) to make sure we are protected from anything that might come into the bubble we call John Carroll University.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Working out with London Fletcher

London Fletcher-Baker and I are pretty close. To put it in AIM terms, we’re “bffs." For those of you who are not enlightened as to who Fletch is, let me give you an abridged version of his resume.

Inspiration: Which America are you living in?

2008 presidential hopeful John Edwards has recently taken flak for the construction of his new home in Orange County, North Carolina. Upon completion, the house, recreational facility and surrounding property will be worth approximately 6 million dollars, making it the most expensive estate in the county.

Terry's Talkin': Here’s the deal: Living simply for Lent

Yesterday marked the first day of Lent, one of my favorite times of the year. Lent always begins the same way for me. For the two weeks before Ash Wednesday I ponder what to give up and what to take out of my normal life.

Editorial Cartoon: Editorial Cartoon

Two in the Box: True athletics

All year long the sports media, particularly the king corrupter, ESPN, pump sports fans full of mostly useless information about sports that we, as fans, love. I warn any baseball fan because in the next few weeks the talking skeleton, Peter Gammons, will be providing useless prognostication for a season that won’t end until there is snow on the ground, again.

Keeping the dorms clean

Service Solutions Corporations (SSC), the cleaning service here at John Carroll University, seems always under scrutiny. However, conditions in the dorms and in particular the bathrooms are significantly better than they were last year.

Big man on campus

This season, basketball practices at John Carroll University have been a lot more fun. Not because the coaches are taking it easy on the players. But because of who is at practice now. His name is Simon Greenspan, a 21-year-old from Shaker Heights, who attends every practice for the Blue Streaks.

Real life trauma told by student documentary

Blood, guts and tears. All of these words can be used to describe what John Carroll University junior Robert Duns saw when filming his documentary, “Trauma." The half-hour film follows kids into the Huron Road Hospital as they are brought in for gun shot wounds and other inflictions caused by gang life.

JCU hungry for OAC title

Another year has arrived, and another opportunity presents itself for the John Carroll University Wrestling team. The Blue Streaks will compete in the Ohio Athletic Conference championships this weekend, at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio.

Scholarships, financial aid target low-income families

An increase in federal aid and the reallocation of the University’s scholarship dollars will support John Carroll University’s new aid strategy for low-income families, school administrators said this week.

Obama’s in for 2008 race

Illinois Senator Barack Obama officially announced his candidacy for president on Saturday. Obama went to his home state to make the announcement, according to The Associated Press.

Dynasty hopes to carry on

Every OAC school fears late February because there is a wall of banners in the Johnson Natatorium that tells them to fear John Carroll University come OAC tournament time.

Affordable Education

JCU is changing its financial aid strategy. The goal is to open opportunities to families with “low" financial income and increase the number of students who have excellent educational records.

Terry's Talkin': Here’s the deal: For the love of John Carroll University

I love John Carroll University. I know what you might be thinking, “She’s kind of crazy, isn’t she?" Yes, it is true, I might be, but not because I think John Carroll University is great.

Black History month exhibit enlightens

Black history is a study that may escape students when preoccupied with Valentine’s Day festivities. There is no excuse to neglect this February tradition now that John Carroll University has brought a special exhibit, “Reflections in Black: African-American History on Wheels," to campus.

JCU Chapter of One Corps grows stronger

Recently, a chapter of One Corps was introduced on John Carroll University’s campus and the group is already having a positive influence. The JCU chapter was started by junior Tom Haren and now has thirty chapter members and a Facebook group of 120 students.

Spring trip will be largest group of JCU volunteers in New Orleans

From May 21-29, an expected 120 John Carroll University students will make the 18-hour drive to New Orleans to help with the relief efforts of the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina.

Anna Nicole’s death in a mystery

Anna Nicole Smith, former Playboy model, actress, TrimSpa spokeswoman and television personality, was found dead on Thursday, February 8, in her room at the Seminole Hard Rock Café Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. She was 39.

Editorial Cartoon: Editorial Cartoon